What I Have Learned from My Shoes

Shoes.  I adore them.  I am not married to one particular style or brand.  I love them ALL! High heels, vans, running shoes, flats, boots...you name it.  They are all fabulous. And you know what? I’ve learned a LOT from my shoes!

Some days you need heels…and other days you need flats.

I have made a LOT of mistakes in my life…especially in my IT career.  Being a woman in a male-dominated field had its own unique set of challenges.  There are days I wish I could go back to a particular situation and have a “do-over.”  When I was first starting out, I often sat in a corner (aka tiny cubicle) and kept my mouth shut when I shouldn’t have.  For the first several years of my career, I should have put on my heels and walked a little taller. I had value to add and didn’t.  I had great ideas and kept my mouth shut.

As I got older, I swung the pendulum to the other side and often ended up like a bull in a china shop.  I spoke TOO loud just to be heard. I made bad choices to try and fit in. On those days, I should have slipped into a comfortable pair of flats and gotten to work.

Some days you need shoes with sequins and feathers…and other days you need a nude shoe.

Everyone deserves to shine.  Everyone deserves to have their moment in the spotlight.  That moment may look different for everyone…but EVERYONE deserves it.  Every woman should have a pair of “when will I ever wear these” shoes in their closet for just that moment.  When you work hard and do great things, PUT ON THOSE SHOES and own it. For you, those shoes might be a fancy print flat.  For me, they are a pair of 4-inch heels with boa feathers.

That said, every day is not meant for feather boa shoes.  Some days are all about supporting other women and letting THEM shine.  When it is someone else’s turn for the spotlight, put on your nude shoe and blend in so THEIR light can shine the brightest.


Good quality shoes are worth the price.

I remember the first pair of expensive shoes I ever bought (meaning I didn’t buy them at Rack room or Payless). I had to talk myself into it…I felt a little guilty and over the top.  I thought it was wasteful. That was 10 years ago.

You know what? I still wear those shoes ALL. THE. TIME. I have replaced the heel twice ($10 each time) and I STILL get compliments when I wear them.

You get what you pay for.  There is a time for practical and less expensive…and there is a time for something more. You need to know that you ARE worth the classy, more expensive shoe from time to time. YOU are worth the higher price my friend.  YOU are high quality so show that off!

Just Because they look perfect doesn’t mean you should buy them.

Oh man I have made this mistake.  Those beautiful shoes that match your new outfit  PERFECTLY. They are EXACTLY what you were dreaming about. You REALLY want them.  But they don’t fit. Your usual size is a little small but the next size up is too big.

If you buy those shoes, you know what will happen. You will be uncomfortable every single minute you wear them.  Every step will hurt. All you will think about is how much your feet hurt and nothing else will matter.

Don’t buy them!  Don’t put yourself into situations you don’t belong…stop spending time with people that just don’t fit anymore….don’t get hypnotized by what “looks” good.  When you try something on and it doesn’t feel good, it never will. Walk away. When you walk in shoes that don’t fit, you will get held back. You won’t be able to walk let alone run.  And guess what? You were BORN to run my friend!

There will be a better, more perfect shoe waiting for you at another store…on another day…when you weren’t even looking for it.

Sometimes, you just need a new pair of shoes…even when you don’t want them.

We all have that pair of old beat up shoes that we love.  They are SO comfortable. Every bit of them is broken into our foot.  They are the “go-to” when you run out the door or are in a hurry. But, every shoe has its day.  At some point, you really NEED to go try on some new shoes. If you don’t, you could miss out on the MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE EVER and never even know it.  There could be the most ridiculous pair of shoes with sequins and boa feathers with YOUR name on it. You just never know unless you try them on! It may take a day or two to fully break them in, but they just might be your NEW favorite pair.

At some point, we all need a new pair of shoes.

(photo creds to @thealiciabruce)

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