My Superpower? Failing!

Failing is a massive part of my success. The real key here is my ability to fail FAST. The faster I fail, the quicker my superpower grows.

Yes, you read that right. Most people would not consider failing a superpower…..but I know for a fact that failing is a HUGE part of my success. The real key here is my ability to fail FAST. The faster I fail, the quicker my superpower grows.

Are you confused? Let me explain.

Think about your life. Think about something you failed at. Chances are, whatever popped in your head was something you tried…for the first time…and you did not succeed. Do you know what that means? It means you were willing to try something. It means you put yourself out there. It means you got out of your comfort zone and stepped into something you were nervous about…something you might have felt scared about…something that stretched you.

Now I want to ask you this. Think back to that time you failed. What did you learn? I bet you learned a lot. You may have learned what not to do. Or perhaps you learned something about yourself as well.

Finally, and this is the most important part….what did you do with that new knowledge? How did you bring that into your life? What change did it cause you to make? What did you do differently?

I LOVE failing. Well…ok…maybe I don’t love it in the actual moment. But, I do love looking back at all of my failures and assessing what I have learned from each and every one…and how I let my failures drive and change my direction.

The older I get, the faster I fail. The faster I fail, the faster I learn. The faster I learn, the quicker I can change direction and try something else. The quicker I can change direction, the faster I get results. See the pattern?

The secret to failing fast is not overthinking everything. You can spend 6 months thinking about trying something new…or you can jump in today, try it, possibly fail, take what you learned, and continue on. I guarantee you that at the end of 6 months, you will be a lot farther along than you were if you thought about for 6 months..trying to make it perfect..trying to get all the answers before jumping into action….doubting yourself every step of the way.

Here is my challenge to you today. Think of something you have wanted to try….and DO it!! Start today. Start scared. Start without knowing all the details. Then, if you fail, celebrate that. Failing is better than not starting at all. But….here is the most important part of all….you can not stay in your failures. You HAVE to pick up and move on. You HAVE to ask yourself what you learned and what you are going to do about it.

Will it be hard at first? Yes. Is failing fun? No. The quicker you learn to embrace your failures and keep going, the easier it is to fail.


Friends, I have failed a LOT. I’m talking MASSIVE amounts. But, I would not be where I am today if I had not failed. I know I will fail again…because I am trying new things all the time. It won’t always be easy to celebrate every failure…but I will. I will rejoice in the journey.

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