How to Stay Focused Working From Home

Do you struggle to stay focused working from home? It can be hard...but with these simple tips, you can soon master the art of a highly productive home office!

If you work from home, you know it can be a blessing and a curse.  

No commute…YES!

Work in sweats if you need to….YES!

Get a head start on your day…YES!

Yummy leftovers in the fridge that co-workers won’t eat….YES!

Run upstairs and toss the clothes in the dryer……

And this where working from home starts to be a slippery slope.  Home is NOT the office. Home is home. That means that ALL the distractions of home…chores, laundry, pets, that great book you just started, etc is calling you.

Now, throw in the fact that the majority of people I know report that their friends and family often don’t treat a “home office” with the same level of respect as an “actual” office.   They just assume that since you are “at home”, it is really easy for you to handle ALL the home stuff….at any time.

I will use fake names to protect the innocent here (and the guilty).  Sue works from home. Her husband, John does not.  

The shower suddenly developed a bad leak.

Sue (as John is leaving for work):  John, can you call someone today about the leak?

John:  I’ve got work, Sue.

Sue:  So do I.  I’ve got back to back conference calls today.

John:  (sigh).  Fine.

Then, later that night at home:

John:  The plumber is coming tomorrow between 8 – 4.

Sue:  What? I have a presentation at 11am.  What if he shows up between 11 – 12?


If you have kids…well…that just opens up a whole OTHER area of common frustration.  Working from home means you are the default “be home with the sick kid” parent.  Every. Single.  Time. 

I hear complaints about this ALL the time.  I have also personally experienced it. Earlier this year, my husband switched roles at work and now he has a home office, too.  Once we got through the adjustment period of waiting in line at the coffee maker, he realized working at home took some getting used to.

I am pleased to report that we have settled into a very harmonious “home office” life together…with offices at complete OPPOSITE ends of the house…and the occasional lunch date in the kitchen.  Productivity is at an all time high in our house!


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